Where do we come from – The Pyramid


Where Do We Come From?

The pyramid, where do we come from, what is life about

“What is life about”  Art- By Author*

The pyramid

Every structure in this photo was originally constructed without the use of modern machines, oil, money, slavery, etc., by a world civilization of people unified in science and spirituality. It is a testament to the far more advanced people and culture that pre-date (the Sphinx has been dated to 20,000+yrs) all “recorded” history, approx. 6,000yrs (with the exception of the Great Wall of China).
The pyramids have seemed to caused great controversy in the scientific community as to their function and purpose. Is this still subject to interpretation? Are we still ignorant to the science of the pyramid? Where do we come from?

According to public opinion, yes, these structures remain a mystery. However as far as the science of the pyramids we need to look no further then Nicola Tesla. Tesla understood the alchemedic sciences used in the construction of these great structures and is said to have based his Tesla coil design off the blueprints. This could seem a little confusing because if you are aware of what Tesla’s coils look like then you know that  they seemingly have no aesthetic similarities whatsoever. Further more one could deduce that the coils were constantly flow arcs of massive power while at the same not harming humans at all. Tesla was constantly giving demonstrations of how safe the discharge was from these currents.

where do we come from, wonders of the world

where do we come from, the pyramidNicola Tesla Archive photograph. 

Free safe power for the whole world! 

“If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration” -Nicola Tesla
With this new found understanding of the connection between Tesla and The pyramid then we have more insight to purpose and functions of the pyramids. Now, before I proceed I need to emphasize the significance of the connection between these two foundations. This is un-paralleled knowledge, empirically speaking, this rediscovery is of the utmost importance to understanding the connection between us and our planet.
If we take Tesla’s advice and think of energy, frequency, and vibration and apply that directly to the pyramid an interesting thing happens, It makes sense! Well to myself and I am sure a sparse collective of people as well. However I have yet to read  anything quite like this.

First we will look at the design of the pyramid, not the external structure but the internal components. A diagram of the Great Pyramid at Giza reveals an interesting layout that may help answer the question, “Where do we come from? “.

where do we come from, the pyramid

what is life about, wonders of the world



Under the pyramid was layers of different aggregate (rocks) which were specifically chosen materials buried in stages and used in conjunction with underground water to create natural gas in the subterranean chamber. Once this gas was light enough it traveled up the shaft where the lighter particles and heavy particles are filtered and separated into one of two shafts. One shaft was discharge or the heavy particles were released back into the air. The other shaft was for the light particles that moved into the grand gallery as well as the second connecting shaft which acted as second filter.

what is life about, mysteries of the world            


Once in the grand gallery these filtered gas particles pass through a series of  sound vibrations. The vibrations would agitate the particles to the proper density and the heavier discharge particles would be let out at the bottom of the grand gallery into the queens chamber where the air would vacuum them out. The design of the grand gallery is that of a musical instrument. An ancient Solfeggio scale of sounds contained inside the grand gallery and lifted up to the top into the Kings chamber. Just look at the grand gallery and you can see clearly the room scales up like organ pipes but made of solid granite. The first image of the grand gallery you can clearly see the narrow design and the walls get smaller as they go up.

The second image is one of the original photographs of the grand gallery showing you that the railing and steps were never there because it was not intended for people to be inside of it. The third image is good look at the fluting in the walls again. very defined and intentional. The stone used to build the pyramid was specific as well,

ancient civilizaion, mysteries of the worldnikola tesla, free energy

cgranite, the highest electrically conductive rock on the inside and

a soft specific non-conductive limestone for the exterior. Pretty much like common insulated copper wire, containing all the current inside the insulation.

The next image is another chamber with similar wall fluting and we see here the room getting more narrow at the top. Higher Frequency!

The image below that is one of the shafts, again illustrating that these shafts were not designed for people, but for energy!

ancient secrets, mysteries of ancient worldwhat is life, meaning of life


The pyramid had essentially two main functions, to create energy and act as a relay point for that energy. A satellite! It is believed by some that capstone on the pyramid was made of gold. Besides its widespread monetary and symbolic functions, gold has many practical uses in dentistryelectronics, and other fields. Its highmalleabilityductility, resistance to corrosion and most other chemical reactions, and conductivity of electricity has led to many uses, includingelectric wiring, colored-glass production, and gold leafinghttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold
I believe that the pyramids created the conditions for lighting and then harnessed the power of it. Imagine the pyramid as having constant lightning discharge being pulled through them. That arc of lighting would hit the capstone and create humming frequency much like the humming of high tension power lines. That frequency would then flow from the capstone into the upper chambers and create a sound frequency in the grand gallery.

Now as for the distribution of this created energy the pyramids were all placed on certain geographic coordinates aligned with true north and astrological markers. These energy lines or ley lines make up a world wide grid of  natural channels of energy that connected all the pyramids around the world. Some of these pyramids are now on the ocean floor and so the “grid” is no longer functional. Here is a photo of the grid of ley lines around the earth. At all the major intersections you will find an ancient site most time with a pyramid near by.

the pyramid

world history, world mystery

I hope this post was helpful on your journey to discover where do we come from.

Comments and feedback welcome.

*I created this image on Photoshop using actual photos of megalithic structures from around the world.

None of the individual monuments have been distorted or altered in any way other than size to scale.Some humor in the photo as well. I turned Mt. Everest into Mt. Rushmore with the exception of the heads being different. For this specific piece I chose, from left, Archimedes, Nicola Tesla, Pythagoras, and Thoth (the builder of the great pyramid and records keeper of the ancient worlds). For a detailed list of all monuments used and where they are geographically just send me a comment. I hope you enjoy it!

Purchase art at, http://beyondmoney.deviantart.com/art/AncientMetropolis-371720062?q=gallery%3ABeyondMoney%20randomize%3A1&qo=0



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